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  • Anders Knudby

Mehdi Aminipouri

Mehdi received his PhD from Simon Fraser University in August 2019, and is an honorary member of the shallow-water lab. Using microclimate modelling techniques, his research aims to assess the effectiveness of urban greening and reflective surfaces in keeping Vancouver’s urban neighborhoods cool and people safe during an extreme heat event. Mehdi holds a Master of Science degree in Environmental Modeling and Management from a joint European program consisting of Southampton University (UK), Lund University (Sweden), University of Warsaw (Poland) and University of Twente (The Netherlands). For his MSc project he worked on the estimation of slum population using object-based oriented image analysis of very high resolution satellite imagery in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania. Mehdi has also worked as a spatial data analyst for the National Research Center of Climate Change, Water Scarcity & Drought Management in Iran. In his spare time, Mehdi plays soccer, goes hiking and enjoys spending time with family.


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