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  • Anders Knudby

Kutalmis Saylam

PhD student. Kutalmis has a background in hydro-geomatics engineering and has completed a number of projects as a principal investigator over the course of his career. He has obtained a master’s degree in Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering at the University of New Brunswick and holds a professional engineering designation from British Columbia (APEGBC) since 2009. He has worked in the public and private industries for several years before becoming a research associate at the University of Texas at Austin. During his time in the private industry, he worked as a Lidar Specialist in Toronto, and travelled extensively to client sites for training, demonstrations, and surveys. He has visited over 30 countries and spent considerable time in the Far East, especially in Japan, where he enjoyed the local cuisine and culture. He is an active Olympic style competing archer, represented his native country Turkey at national level, and currently coaches advanced target archery.


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