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  • Anders Knudby

Lab infrastructure provided by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation

Established in 2015, the Shallow Water Earth Observation Lab is still a new establishment, but we have been lucky to be supported by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation to set up some lab space and get some basic equipment in place. We're still building up our research infrastructure, but so far, the most important pieces of field equipment are:

- Small inflatable boat with an electric outboard engine, as shown on the page banner. It's slow but portable and can comfortably hold two people and field equipment. It can be used as a dive platform.

- Dive gear for two people for tropical and temperate diving, and for a single person diving in Arctic waters.

- Single-beam echosounder.

- DGPS (Trimble R1).

- Two submersible Ocean Optics Jaz spectrometers - one single-channel and one dual-channel (as shown in the image above).

- Three drones: two DJI Phantoms and one E384 fixed-wing


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